Sunday, November 8, 2015

DOC NYC 2015 Shorts: Expressions

I'm quietly beginning coverage of DOC NYC with the first collection of short films. I will be briefly reviewing all of the shorts that are playing the film festival-minus a few that did't work. Most of the reviews are only going to be a line or two, for which I'm sorry, but while I enjoyed most of the films most didn't leave me with a great deal to say.

EXPRESSIONS is a good collection of  films about art.

BERNICE-Portrait of Bernice Steinbaum’s efforts to help female artists and artists of color get a foothold in the art world. A very good little film about an intriguing personality.

COLORS OF LIFE- incredibly beautiful film about the Japanese recreation of the colors of nature . Absolutely stunning and I really wish I had seen this on a big screen on a great quality copy instead of a low grade screener. Wow.

CINDY SHERMAN-UNTITLED FILM STILLS- Cindy Sherman talks about her photo series of images that look like they are from films. This would be great with the photo series. Removed from that its an interesting doodle.

ARTSPEAK- Director Bill Clasps talks to people about art today. An interesting look into what various people, artists think and not think about art.

The copy of SIDESHOW OF THE ABSURD I was given to screen did not work.

This collection plays Saturday at Noon at DOC NYC. For Tickets and more information go here.

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