Saturday, November 7, 2015

OPERATOR (2015) proves that anything Timothy Woodward Touches is crap

I said yes to reviewing the DVD release of the Olson Brother's OPERATOR because I thought it would be a chance to get away from the crappy  Timothy Woodward films I had to suffer through recently (SWAT UNIT 887 and CHECKMATE) which had the same actors. I thought It would be nice to see Ving Rhames and Michael Pare in a good movie. I figured it had to be at least okay since there was no mention of Woodward on the box or in the promotional material. Unfortunately once the film started I saw the producer listing and groaned loudly

The plot of the film has the daughter of a police operator and her soon to ex- being kidnapped. The kidnapper then forces her to help him commit a heist.

From the opening sequence where bad guys break into Mischa Barton's house and trash it for no reason, and hysterically, before a fire on through Ving Rhames calling Barton at her job on through scene after scene this film just gets sillier and sillier. This is a stupid film as things happen in a vacuum and for reasons that make sense in this movie. If you think about any of it logically none of it makes sense. While slightly more together than films Woodward has directed, it's still a mess.

What only masochistic film reviewers and people who watch films hoping to be killed by the badness of it all would know that this film looks to have been shot at the same time as Woodward's earlier pieces of dung. If one really wanted to truly abuse one's self one could put together a Michael Pare cop film trilogy out of OPERATOR and the earlier cinematic nightmares of producer Woodward since Pare wears the same uniform and drives the same car. I don't recommend it any more than I would drinking lye, but then again some people find fun in strange places.

Avoid this one at all costs.

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