Monday, November 23, 2015

No Escape (2015)

Owen Wilson and his family go to South East Asia for Wilson's new job. They almost instantly run into the middle of a coup. Worse they are being hunted by the bad guys because his company is felt to be trading "water for blood".

Arriving in theaters in late August and disappearing after a week or two NO ESCAPE got a very mixed collection of reviews. The people I know who saw it liked it enough that when I was offered a chance to review the film in connection to the home video release I said yes.

I really liked the film a great deal. Essentially one long chase the film scores major points for never stopping long enough for you to realize how insane chunks of this films are. There are plot points that don't make sense, owing mostly to coincidence but unless you pause the film you won't catch them until it's over. Mostly you'll be like me, squirming in your seat wondering what else was going to go wrong.

As good an action film as NO ESCAPE is, the real reason to see the film is Pierce Brosnan.  Taking a small but pivotal role as a British tourist who ends up aiding Wilson and his family he's kicked the door down concerning James Bond and becomes a full on character actor. Who the hell knew he was this damn good? Yea I'd seen him in GHOST WRITER or SERAPHIM FALLS or SURVIVOR and he's given really good performances but this was and is something else- it makes me go "who is this guy and why haven't we seen him before?" He's so good that even if the rest of the film had been bad I'd recommend the film.

NO ESCAPE is one to track down. Its a solid popcorn film and something worth your time when it hits home video tomorrow.

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