Monday, November 16, 2015

Bang Bang Baby (2015)

Odd musical cum science fiction nostalgia piece is the sort of thing you give points to for its attempt more than it's successes. Its a mannered film that kind of almost works.

Its the 1960's. In a small town in Canada your Stepphy a young girl who dreams of being a singer. When she finds herself accepted on to an American Idol type show her father burns the letter that would have been her pass to the show. Unhappy she gets drunk on the night of a big dance and going off with a young man who is interested in her finds that her favorite actor has come to town. She also discovers that the local factory is spewing out a weird smoke which mutates those who go into it.

Trying much too hard to evoke a modern notion of the early 1960's feels like BANG BANG BABY never manages to generate much emotion of it's own. The musical numbers are serviceable but bland with none really standing out. The oppressive atmosphere of small town life is amped up a little too much. Things are a bit too off and we never buy. One of the results of that is Justin Chatwin who plays the star who has Stepphy's heart comes off  as being weird and a kind of grotesque thanks to the streak of white in his hair. By the time the plant starts to do its thing its a little too late.

At the same time the film isn't bad. I can see what it's going for and I admire what its trying to do but I don't think it ever really hits the mark, Its kind of a grand admirable misfire

Worth a look for those who like the off beat- all others can take a pass.

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