Wednesday, November 18, 2015

In Brief: Gayby Baby (2015) DOCNYC 2015

This is the portrait of four (pre)teens being raised by same sex parents and the ebb and flow of their lives.

I'm kind of the wrong audience for this film when it comes to the film because I live in New York where I see same sex parents with some frequency on the streets with their kids. To me the trials and tribulations don't seem as off beat as it does in Australia where this was filmed.

I have to stress that there is nothing wrong with the film, it's actually quite wonderful,  but if you were to show the film to someone and didn't mention at the outset the fact that the parents were gay and lesbian I think it would take them a while to catch on since this film is largely just a film where its simply the lives of a bunch of kids of a certain age. The kids really are just a bunch of regular kids going through life just like anywhere else. Yes we see the complications of having or being gay parents but this is really the kids story.

I know that's the point of the film, but to me over selling it as a "gay parent" film is kind of wrong since the film is about the kids.

Clearly that's my own way of seeing the film. As is my feelings that this is just a super portrait of kids regardless of their parents. Definitely worth seeing.

The film gets a single screening at DOC NYC tonight. For tickets and more information go here.

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