Saturday, November 28, 2015

In Brief: Grace of Monaco (2015)

Troubled biography of Grace Kelly during a key moment in the history of Monaco is an enjoyable time passer.

The plot of the film has Grace Kelly wrestling with the place she belongs. The battle within her is brought to the forefront as Alfred Hitchcock comes calling looking to see if she'll star in a film called MARNIE. Meanwhile France is looking to annex Monaco and if Grace doesn't help the country might disappear.

Well made and well acted film is an odd one to have been at the center of all the controversy swirling around it. Made from a script from the Blacklist of 2011 (best un-produced scripts) the film ended up being the opening movie of the Cannes Film Festival but ended up not getting a speedy release because the Weinstein organization wanted changes. Battles ensued and in the US the film ended up cut for a third time before it ended up on the Lifetime channel.

As it stands now the film is a good if slightly trashy look at an an old Hollywood actress. Its the cinematic equivalent of a pulp novel. Its full of good looking rich people and faux famous people. Think of it as a popcorn film for those who love TMZ or any of the TV gossip shows.

Is it high art? Oh hell no. Its just entertainment. And I do mean it's just entertainment since the film has very little in common history.

If you like gossip and trashy novels and you haven't seen this when it ran on Lifetime you may want to give the film a shot when it hits home video Tuesday

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