Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The shorts before DOC NYC Features

Here's a look at the all but one of the shorts playing with features at DOC NYC. If you need a push to see some of the features some of these shorts should make the choice no brainers.

Emory Douglas: The Art of The Black Panthers from Dress Code on Vimeo.
This plays with the INVADERS and the two films together are must sees.

PASSION OF FIRE AND GOLD- An absolutely gorgeous look at a bee keeping school. Visually this is just stunning and maybe the best looking film at DOC NYC, that alone makes it worth seeing. (Screens With AN ART THAT MAKES NATURE)

Mariela Castro's March: Cuba's LGBT Revolution- A good look at Gay rights in Cuba and their champion Fidel Casto's niece.(Screens with director John Alpert'sKey Note address.)

WHY WE STAY- after surviving the terrible 1970's and 80's residents of the South Bronx now have to deal with gentrification which is driving everyone out. Hopeful look at those trying to stay in the city they love. (Plays with TESTED)

OPEN YOUR EYES- HBO documentary about an elderly couple in Nepal who travle 3 days to get their sight back. A deeply moving film you really should see. (Plays with WILHEMENIA'S WAR making the two films together a must see)

100 YEARS SHOW-a look at Carmen Herrera a painter who was discovered when she was in her 90's. (Screening with Tocando La Luz)

ED AND PAULINE- Pauline Kael and Ed Lambert set up movie theaters in store fronts in the hope of never showing a bad film. Nice look at a love of the cinema and how some people would do anything to share that love  (screens with REEL IN THE CLOSET. This is the better of the two films)

BAD BOY OF BOWLING- Look at Peter Weber. A 30 for 30 short- which means its awesome (Plays with BOUNCE making the two films together an absolute must see)

I haven't forgotten DREAMING AGAINST THE WORLD, rather I'm seeing the film in the theater on the 19th with CLAUDE LANZMANN: SPECTRES OF SHOAH

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