Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Its Alive (1969) Thanksgiving Turkey

This is a Larry Buchanan disaster about a fish-man kept alive by a farmer who kidnaps people to feed it.

Yes friends another film from Buchanan a man who's awful (and therefore often wonderful) movies scarred generations. Buchanan was a man who would make a film on any subject for a buck. Usually he'd take something from the headlines (say the JFK assassination or Bonnie and Clyde) and turn it in to weird little films (His Beyond the Doors about Jimi Hendrix Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison has to be seen to be believed). In the mid 1960's he was asked to make a bunch of quick films for TV syndication. Doing what any exploitation filmmaker would do, he remade several Roger Corman and AIP films from the 50's with out credit. When the syndication package fell apart the films ended up in theaters.

This was based on a script from AIP that was never filmed. Its got lots of stilted dialog, lots of voice-overs and scenery shots and a monster suit from another movie.

Its awful.And if you're disposed to liking bad films somewhat enjoyable.

Bad movie fans can give it a shot. All others avoid it like the plague.

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