Thursday, November 19, 2015

Reversing the Mississippi (2015) plays Saturday at Union Docs - go see it.

REVERSING THE MISSISSIPPI started off going to be the story of the director Ian Midgley’s life on the road. He grabbed his camera and went off to find America and the people who were creating their own realities . Somewhere along the way he ran into Dr Marcin Jakubowski who was working on the designs of farm equipment that anyone could make via open sourced the designs. The idea was that some could build say a tractor or a bobcat style loader with limited resources and a fraction of the cost of one from a major manufacturer. Later when Midgley was traveling he  hooked up with Nat Turner, an ex NYC school teacher, who is trying to teach the kids of the Lower 9th Ward in New Orleans to be self-sufficient and grow their own food. Things were going along okay but they really could use some heavy equipment....Through the directors connection the two men are brought together and things begin to happen.

This is a really good little film that plays Saturday night at Union Docs in Brooklyn (the info is here). Director Ian Midgley is going to be there and I think you really should go because this is a really good little film.

I hear you saying "But Steve, we're all documentaried out. We just spent a week and a day at DOC NYC and the thought of seeing another documentary will kill us"

I have no sympathy. I saw 132 of 157 films at DOC NYC and you're not hearing me complain.

Well actually I'm not complaining I'm just not going to do a full on write up of the film because after all the films I saw in the last couple of weeks I don't have it in me to do a straight on review of anything.

On the other hand I can hawk a film that I really like, one that I think is something special and worthy of your attention. In a weird way that's what is a good review is anyway - a writer waving something he or she likes around so it gets noticed and people see it.

This piece is my waving REVERSING THE MISSISSIPPI in front of you in the hope of getting you to see it.  REVERSING is a neat little do it yourself documentary about some do it yourself individuals. Its the individuals such as Turner and the students, that make the film something you're going to want to see.(Sorry I'm not a fan of Jakubowsky). Its the good people who are trying to change the world  that are the reason why you'll want to see the film- and you do want to see this film- you just don't know it yet.

In all seriousness if you live near NYC get off you butts and go to Union Docs and see this film. All the info is right here. If you live outside of NYC put REVERSING THE MISSISSIPPI your list of films to see and as soon as it gets to a theater near you go.

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