Saturday, November 7, 2015

In Brief: Before We Go (2015)

Chris Evans proves he's got the directing chops with BEFORE WE GO a small budget film about a busking trumpet player who helps a young woman from Boston after she misses her train and Grand Central closes.

I had heard mixes thing about this film which barely got released earlier this year. Some people hated it and thought this was vanity project by Evans. Other people liked it and couldn't understand why it wasn't getting  bigger release.  While I don't think its perfect film I do think it's good enough that I think it deserved a slightly larger release.

My complaints about the film come from two places. First the film kind of fudges New York. The arrangement of locations and how everyone gets around is kind of wonky, but that's my problem being a New Yorker. The other problem is that the script is a bit too inde romance for my tastes. It hits a bit too many cliche points.

On the other hand any and all problems are over come by a couple of great leads and Evans winning hand. Yea its small scale drama but Evan handles it deftly and manages to do so with more style than other directors doing similar films. I for one would be happy to give Evans a shot at something larger scale.

BEFORE WE GO hit home video and VOD this past Tuesday and is definitely worth a look.

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