Monday, April 30, 2018

Ariela on The Elephant and the Butterfly

Unlike Steve- I really enjoyed this film.

First off, the little girl in the movie, Elsa, who is 5 years old, is so adorable. She steals the movie. She is also the director, Amelie Van Elmbt’s daughter.

The story starts with Antoine, Elsa’s father (she is unaware it’s her father) coming to see how Camille(the mother) is doing. She laughs in his face. We soon find out, he hasn’t seen her in at least 5 years.

Now some things are a bit strange- the mother rushes off to catch a flight, the babysitter isn’t there and she asks Antoine, a man she hasn’t seen in 5 years and who has never met the daughter, to watch her until the babysitter comes.

The babysitter never shows (and no one seems too concerned about this).

What follows is Antoine taking care of Elsa for several days. He has never been a dad and you can see his unsureness..not exactly sure what to do, but then seems to get more comfortable.. he definitely makes mistakes.. like leaving Elsa in the car alone! (Twice!) Elsa even calls him loopy. I found their interactions and relationship to be so sweet. I would have liked to have learned more about the back story of Camille and Antoine, but the director, during the Q&A, said she wanted to focus on the relationship with Antoine and Elsa. I really enjoyed watching them, and enjoyed this film a lot despite some factors that are a bit odd.


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