Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Tribeca 2018 Day 7- Movies, Master Class and Kevin Smith

Brian d'Arcy James on the Red Carpet
It was a busy day at Tribeca so let's get to it before I get to to writing the full reports....

NO GREATER LAW- excellent look at the battle between the keeping our kids safe and the right to practice our  religion. It's the story of a Christian group that doesn't believe in modern medicine, leaving too many kids dead. Its thought provoking and angering.

THE PILOT SEASON - this look at TV pilots has great stuff (NICE which played better the second time) and one of the worst things I've seen at Tribeca - I'll have a lot to say.

SONGWRITER - a look at how Ed Sheeran writes his songs. If you're a fan you'll love it, if not its a glorified home movie

ST BERNARD SYNDICATE - two guys from Denmark go to China to sell St Bernards and weird things happen. Uncomfortable comedy and odd twists is good in spots but kind of doesn't. There is much to say. and I will later.

Running from the press screenings  I dashed to the DVA theater to see the Pixar Master Class on the short BAO. It was a great overview of how Pixar makes their shorts. I'll talk about it soon. I want to add that BAO is excellent and had me weepy both times they showed it.

The day ended when I walked out of the theater and found the Red Carpet for ALL THESE SMALL MOMENTS happening and Brian d'Arcy James and Kevin Smith facing the press. (pictures here)

And now time to go fill write up longer pieces.

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