Monday, April 30, 2018

The Serengeti Rules (2018) Tribeca 2018

A front runner for the most beautiful film at Tribeca 2018 THE SERENGETI RULES is an otherwise okay look at how we are destroying animal populations and what that means for the environment as a whole.

The premise of the film is that there are certain keystone animals.If you remove them from any environment then nature goes out of balance and one species will begin to run the table potentially to the point of destruction.  We look at people who have investigated the keystone idea and see what it means and how nature can be readjusted and brought back into balance.

A lot of great images covers up for not a lot of information. Yes, we learn what it all means but there isn't much beyond the basics. To be certain that's going to be all that most people are likely to retain but at the same time I really wish there was a bit more here than "Keystone animals are vital and if you remove them everything collapses." and  "Sometimes things can be adjusted".  There wasn't anything here I didn't know or couldn't work out from the basic information we are given.

While not a bad film, there really isn't much here beyond the images, which are stunning. Frankly the one thing you will remember are the images, probably the otters, and little else.

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  1. Steve,your review fails to mention that the film also tells the story of these important ecologists and brings their humanity into the film. One of the most compelling moments was the moment when a myopic little girl saw clearly for the first time when snorkeling in a freshwater stream. That moment sparked her career. It was inspiring and will be for many teens and young adults interested in nature and ecology.