Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Naomi Ko's NICE (2018) Tribeca 2018

I dislike reviewing pilot for TV shows because its impossible to get a real handle on what the show is going to be. The idea is to make something good enough to get the show to series but the result is often a pilot that doesn't represent the finished program.

Having seen the first episode I don't now what Naomi Ko's NICE will end up looking like as a series. That's both a good thing and a bad thing. I like that I can't predict where or how it's going to go but I'm not sure how it can or will play out past a couple of episodes.

The show is written, produced and stars Ko as a young woman who is diagnosed with breast cancer.  Because life is happening around her, such as her sister's wedding, she decides not to tell anyone and handle it on her own. This sets up complications.

Playing more like a drama than episodic TV NICE is beautifully acted and largely well written. This is a show with characters I like and care about. Its something I would watch. The problem, or so it seems from the single episode I've seen is that it plays as if it is like feature film. The story doesn't feel like it's going to play out over many parts but should conclude in five or six. I'm sure it's going to change but on the basis of this single 20 minute episode I can't be sure.

Beautifully acted and very well written NICE is worth a look if it plays on a device near you.

I saw the episode again today when I saw the entire Pilot Season collection at Tribeca. The episode definitely is a winner. I want to see where this goes.

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