Saturday, April 28, 2018

Tribeca 2018 - See them now on Netflix THE RACHEL DIVIDE and BOBBY KENNEDY FOR PRESIDENT

A couple of the films that just finished playing at Tribeca this past week are now on Netflix for all to see. Here is my quick take on them

If you ever wanted to take a look at Rachel Dolezal the former head of the NAACP in Spokane who had to resign when it was discovered her parents were white, this film is for you.

Actually this film is for anyone with any level of interest in the case because it is an eye opening little film that doesn't go as expected. While the film is sympathetic to Dolezal, it would have to be because she let a crew follow her around, it doesn't shy away from looking into the tough questions.

To be completely honest I had zero interest in the film because I really didn't like Dolezal, however when the film showed up on Netflix and I didn't have to trade off with another film at Tribeca I gave it a shot. Frankly I'm glad I did because while I still don't really like her, it did soften my opinion slightly by putting the whole affair into perspective.

This is a four part look at Kennedy's run for the White House and the aftermath of his death. Based on the first episode (Tribeca only screened one episode so I'm doing the same thing) this is a very good look at the man and what exactly happened. While I'm not personally sure that we need yet another Kennedy doc, this one will delight anyone looking to revisit the story one more time.

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