Thursday, April 26, 2018

Disobedience (2017) Tribeca 2018

When Ronit (Rachel Weisz)'s father, a respected Jewish holy man, passes away, the prodigal daughter returns to London for his funeral. There she reencounters Esti (Rachel McAdams) who was the love of her life. Esti is now married to Dovid, one of her long ago best friends and presumed heir to Ronit's father's position. The meeting rekindles old feelings...

A mannered and deliberate film this is going to thrill some people and bore others. While there is nothing wrong with how director Sebastián Lelio has chosen to tell the story, it simply is not going to resonate for some who will find it slow for their tastes and slightly arty. You have to be willing to go with how every day seems overcast, the color scheme is full of dark or muted colors and Rachel Weisz's smoking is a major character trait. You have to be willing to let Lelio control our view completely.

What won't bother anyone is the performances which are across the board great.  The best of the bunch is Rachel McAdams who turns in an Oscar worthy performance. If you want to know how good she is watch the sequences around the return to Ronit's home. Watch the wavering emotion she puts out. Notice how toward the end as they walk down the street Weisz offers her a cigarette which she declines, only to take Weisz's and then open up with each drag she takes. Its an stunning performance.

This is a very good film full of very good moments and is recommended when the film opens tomorrow in theaters after having played Tribeca.

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