Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Tribeca 2018 Day 8 : The Women Rule

Today was a rainy day but it was also filled with wonderful contact with some of my favorite women. I got to have long conversations with Ariela, Lauren, and Nora. I got to see Liz Whittemore fleetingly. I also got to talk with some the ladies I've met over the years since they volunteered at Tribeca.  Thank you ladies for brightening up a dreary day.

And now quick word on three films- all with women at their center:

LITTLE WOODS is a good little thriller about two sisters trying to get quick cash to save their home and getting in over their head. It surprised me.

DISOBEDIENCE hits theaters Friday and is very deliberately constructed and expertly acted film about a woman returning home for her father's funeral and colliding with the woman she loved all those years ago. Rachel McAdams may get an Oscar nomination for her role.

STOCKHOLM is a solid film about the event that coined Stockholm Syndrome. The cast headed by Ethan Hawke, Mark Strong and Noomie Rapace sell it even when it seems silly.

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