Monday, April 6, 2020

Same Boat (2020)

Stuck inside with the usual crap to watch I put on SAME BOAT in desperation. I figured it was going to suck, the vibe from the promo material suggested this was going to be a waste of my time, but I decided to give it a shot anyway because sometimes you are desperate for something out of the ordinary and because sometimes the things you think are going to suck don't...

...SAME BOAT doesn't suck. It actually is pretty good. Assuming you can click with it's off kilter sense of reality and you can go with the wackiness this is a pretty good little scifi romcom about assassins and their target.

The plot has assassins from the future coming to our time in order to kill someone on a cruise ship. The idea is that assassins are sent back in time to clean things up. However things go wrong James' partner gets sick and he loses the information on his target. With time to kill he wanders the ship and ends up falling for his target.

Outside of the fact that this was secretly shot on a cruise ship, this is a very cheap film (all the money went for passage). The effects are minor  and we just have to go for it...

...which we do because this is ultimately about people and because the cast is so good. Perfectly inhabiting their roles they sell us on what is happening even when other things get in the way. Additionally the fact that this is well written, it's funny and doesn't try to explain too much, helps us buy the romance and the twists and turns that are happening before us.

While I liked the humor I can understand if some people don't. A tad knowing and hip, but not terribly so, this may not click with some of you. On the other hand if you can connect with it then you'll have a smile on your face for a good 90 minutes.


SAME BOAT hits home video April 7

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