Saturday, April 11, 2020

This is Not a Story About..." 📻 Forgotten stories of film history by Ted Geoghegan

Locked inside due to the Covid 19 insanity filmmaker Ted Geoghegan (WE ARE STILL HERE, MOHAWK) has started an online radio. As he said in the email he sent out:

In an attempt to find a creative outlet during this mess, I've started a heartfelt little radio show that I hope might give movie lovers some joy during these trying times. "This is Not a Story About..." is an NPR-inspired fireside story about cinema's forgotten corners, framed against stories or people that you're likely familiar with. Consider the title of each episode to be a hook for the "real" story.

This is great stuff. While I have not heard either complete episode yet (I am listening to the first episode as I am putting this piece together) I've know Ted for a decade and I can assure you the shows are exactly like sitting in a room with him and having him tell you story after story except he's not running up your bar tab as you buy him drinks to keep him talking. Best of all even if you think you know the story he's going to tell you, he's gonna throw you a curve and tell you something unexpected- which is what happened with the "Disney" tale.

Below you will find the press release I was sent. It has links to the two programs that have been done so far.

I can't wait to get to the second episode and I'm hoping that Ted tells us many more stories not about whatever we think it's going to be about.

But I'm gone on for two long- now is the the time to sit back relax and listen to some great stories about the movies....

"This is Not a Story About..." is a classically-inspired modern radio program about the history of cinema written and hosted by filmmaker Ted Geoghegan. Each episode of the program begins as the story of someone or something in the world of film that cinephiles know quite well, but transforms into an expertly-researched tale about a new topic: one that can be closely-related or worlds away from where its story began.

"This is Not a Story About..." is edited, mixed, and produced by Adam Stovall.

The series' debut episode, "This is Not a Story About Walt Disney" follows young Walt as he struggles to make his way in the burgeoning world of animation, but transforms into the story of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, a blockbuster cartoon icon who was stolen out from under Disney and locked away for a half-century before finding redemption in the most unlikely of places.

The second episode, "This is Not a Story About Bruce Lee" begins with the well-known life of martial arts' biggest name, using it as an introduction to the story of kung fu star Alexander Fu Sheng, whose incredible career in Hong Kong cinema was ultimately overshadowed by bigger names - and whose life and art deserve rediscovery.

Episode One - This is Not a Story About Walt Disney (27 minutes)

Episode Two - This is Not a Story About Bruce Lee (20 minutes)

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