Friday, August 28, 2020

Beauty Water (2020) NYAFF 2020

Yaeji is a heavy weight young woman which in South Korean society is the source of ridicule. Hoping to become beautiful and thus get ahead in life she attempts to use Beauty Water, a product which promises to make her exactly what she wished. Unfortunately it has horrible side effects.

Unpleasant and unnerving animated film is a trip into the body horror sub-genre that David Cronenberg used to mine so successfully. This is a chilling look at the things people will do to become loved. It’s a sad tale that not only horrifies us with what happens but makes us realize that just because we get what we want or what we think will make everything alright, things will not be better if we have other hidden problems.

Beauty Water is a stunner. It’s a neat poisoned confection that turns your stomach.

Recommended to those like who like their horror disturbing

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