Thursday, August 20, 2020

The Traveling Cat Chronicles (2018) Fantasia 2020

Satoru takes his cat Nana to several friends and family members to see if they will take her in. We watch as Nana explains her life with Satoru as we see flashbacks to his early life.

I’m going to keep my comments on this film brief. It’s not that the film is bad, it’s not it is utterly charming and smiling producing,, rather it because things in my own life affected how I reacted awkwardly to the film. Basically the reason Satoru needs to give away Nana hit a little too close to home. I just don’t want to go there right now.

While the film was a bit too bittersweet for me, I think anyone who loves cats is going to eat this film up. I have been recommending it to my friends who are cat video fans because Nana will melt your heart. She is an absolute joy to watch and her running commentary is always on target. If I didn’t have four cats already I would be heading out trying to find a charming companion just like her.

And I suppose the people in the film are pretty good too.

If you love cats and cat videos and you need to smile watch The Traveling Cat Chronicle at the virtual Fantasia Fest

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