Monday, August 17, 2020

The Prey (2019) hits virtual theaters Friday

An undercover agent who is trying to bust a ring of scammers targeting Chinese nationals in Cambodia is arrested in a police raid. Convicted and sent to prison he gets on the wrong side of the warden who tortures him before sending him out to be the prey for rich hunters who pay a fortune so they can hunt humans.

Riff on the classic story Most Dangerous Game, is a solid, enjoyable ,if unremarkable action film. Certain to entertain pretty much every action fan, the film is a series fights that become largely hunter becomes hunted in the final hour.

While I enjoyed the hell out of the film I never quite loved it the way I probably could have or should have. Blame it on the lack of real characters, the odd pacing and some odd twists, say the burning of a stack of bodies on what amounts to little more than a campfire, that prevented me from taking THE PREY deep into my heart.

On the other hand the film does have some kick ass marriages of music and image, the use of songs is truly some of the best I've seen all year, and of course the action sequences are certain to produce frequent audience reactions.

THE PREY is almost certain to end up as a film you watch repeatedly on Netflix or another streaming service. It is highly recommended for anyone wanting a really good film for a Saturday night.

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