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Night Cap 8/23/20 A couple of questions for Ryan Spindell, A new issue of Drive-in Asylum, and where is the NYAFF curtain raiser?

I want to open up the nightcap tonight with a couple of questions I had for Ryan Spindell the director of THE MORTUARY COLLECTION. I loved the film which is glorious mix of horror and comedy in a Tales from the Crypt style collection of tales. Since I have gotten a couple of offers for similar films I had to ask him a couple of questions about the cinematic form. (I did not want to know more about his film because I love it too much to look behind the curtain)

See THE MORTUARY COLLECTION at Fantasia now. See it here. (and you really do want to see it)

STEVE: Most Tales From The Crypt style films are uneven to various degrees, more so when there are multiple hands involved in the creation. With THE MORTUARY COLLECTION the tone and the style all blend together perfectly. Do you think that the reason the film works as well as it does is because you wrote and directed the film so you could control everything?

RYAN: I think it all depends on what you are going for. In the case of The Mortuary Collection, we set out to build one world with stories that are all a part of it. In that case, it helps to have one director and one vision. But if you are looking for something with more diversity and flavor, then I can see how multiple directors would be the way to go.

STEVE:Do you think that the best way to make a film like this is to carefully blend the stories and the wrap around? Related to that do you think the running time of the stories affects whether a portmanteau works?

RYAN: Yes, I think a strong wrap-around is key to making a great anthology. I also think the run times are important. we designed ours with the pacing of a traditional feature in mind. We start with a short story to set the tone and style, then we get into the longer stories to further build out the world, and then the stories get shorter again as we reach the end and audiences are ready for a big finish. We put a surprising amount of thought into this.
Remember Fantasia runs to September 2
There is a new issue of the glorious Drive In Asylum out.  You must go buy it.
Here is where you can do so.

And while I'm at it here is their Facebook page and their blog.

And if you need to know why I am so high on the magazine and the guys behind it here is the piece I did a couple weeks back, where I wax poetic.

(I also got my hands on the first issue which is really a glorious collection of drive-in ads- which was manna from heaven for a old school movie geek like me- thank you Bill)
I was crushed in the best possible way by the trailer for the Snyder Cut of JUSTICE LEAGUE. The film  will not live up to the trailer but for now I'm happy with the trailer.
I need to distance myself from it and go again. This was a film where I know the hye affected my view of things.
I saw Kenneth Branagh's ALL IS TRUE about Shakespeare.  Its a lovely collection of pieces of scenes but is not a whole movie.
I suspect that long time readers are scratching their heads right about now- the New York Asian Film Festival starts Friday and outside of the announcement of the titles and a brief mention of their new app there has been little else here at Unseen.  Where is the rambling curtain raiser with list of recommendations? That always goes up the Sunday before the festival.

Since I've been fielding emails asking what is good at the fest and because traffic at Unseen always bumps up noticeably for the festival as readers drift in because in the last 11 years we have covered pretty much the entire festival, I feel the need to say something...

The truth is I don't know what form our coverage is going to take. I have seen five or six films from Fantasia that are also playing NYAFF and I have seen MY PRICE EDWARD as well but I don't know what I will be covering beyond that simply because I have not been able to coordinate anything with the festival. I have reached out to the festival a couple of times and as of this posting I have not heard back.

I will keep you posted- and I will have a piece on the cross over films later in the week.
For those wondering if the NYAFF restrictive app will be the one the New York Film Festival is going to use- it is not. While Lincoln Center has updated their virtual theater system their system will be available to everyone on all modes of devices including laptops and desktops.

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