Wednesday, August 26, 2020

NOMAD: IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF BRUCE CHATWIN plays Film Forum's Virtual Theater starting today

Werner Herzog's NOMAD is love letter to his friend Bruce Chatwin who left Herzog his rucksack when he died.

One of Herzog's poetic documentaries, NOMAD is divided up into several parts that attempt to paint a portrait of his friend. Made up of Herzog's trips to various places Chatwin lived and visited, recordings of Chatwin's words as well as interviews with the people who knew loved and admired him it is a portrait of a man as a near god. It full of gorgeous images and wondrous sounds.

It is also not for all audiences. A mix of poetic and factual there are sequences which will delight fan of Herzog's documentaries that are often not fully tethered to reality (FATA MORGANA or BELLS FROM THE DEEP) but reach a higher truth,  but at the same time it may annoy those don't like lyric passages (some in the screening I saw struggled to remain awake).

As a life long fan of Herzog was in heaven.

Recommended for those who are adventurous or those who love Herzogian cinematic poetry.

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