Monday, July 11, 2022

A reminder NYAFF 2022 starts this week

The New York Asian Film Festival starts Friday and runs through the 31st.

After thirteen years of coverage I think you all know what to do - Buy tickets and go.

Normally I’d do a big post listing all the wonders you’ll find at this years festival but because of the way things shook out as I’m writing this I’ve only watched a couple of horror films (OX HEAD VILLAGE and THE FUNERAL both of which are worth your time) and one or two others  ( so I don’t feel comfortable doing a must see list (Though OFF BEAT COPS would be on it- see it.- it is wonderful) .  Coverage will be coming during the festival when I get a chance to wade into the cinematic goodness.

For more information, tickets, and details go to the NYAFF website

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