Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Jeanette (2022) Outfest LA LGBTQ+ Film Festival 2022

Portrait of bodybuilder and single mom Jeannette Feliciano.  Jeanette was a survivor of the Pulse Night Club shooting. She deals with the aftermath of the shooting by training people at the gym, many themselves survivors of the shooting. Just as life starts to get back to normal a hurricane wrecks Puerto Rico and it throws her back into chaos.

Wonderful portrait of a life in the aftermath of a trauma. Not cutting away the film shows us that the pain never goes away and how it touches our lives ever after.

And while I am calling the film wonderful, I am in no way lessening the impact the film has. This is a film that will rattle you. It will rattle you because it will make Jeanette's pain our own. We take it on as we would take on the pain of our friends.  It rattles us because there but for the grace of god what she experienced could have been something we ourselves suffered - especially in today's America where nut jobs with guns are shooting either children or the things they hate.

I was rattled and heartbroken.

A must  see.

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