Saturday, July 23, 2022

My Grandfather's Demons (2022) Fantasia 2022

An over worked young woman returns home after the death of her grandfather. He had been the one to raise her, however she  lost touch with him since moving to the city. Finding that the he had become a hermit prone to making odd figurines, she begins to try and sort out his life and figure out how he had disconnected from the village. In the process she begins to repair her own life.

Very good animated film  is probably going to play best for adults as the some of the themes and ideas running through the film may not hit the kiddies. This doesn’t mean kids shouldn’t see the film, only that unlike most American animation this film is operating on multiple levels.

Containing some stunning sequences and some great stylistic choices (The film opens in bland computer animation mirroring the office existence, it then switches to beautiful and live stop motion once the young woman gets to the farm) this is a film that is going to delight animation junkies. There is a true beauty and sense of life to the proceedings.

While the plot is kind of predictable over all the twists and turns and particularly the hard edge is not. Yea we know how its going to go- the route it takes is not one we’ve taken before which scores mega points as a result.

This is a wonderful film and its films like this that one goes to Fantasia

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