Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Resurrection (2022) Fantasia


Resurrection is the story of a successful single mom (Rebecca Hall) who’s world is turned upside down when an abusive ex (Tim Roth) turns up two decades later. At first Roth is just there but slowly he worms his way back into her life until things explode.

This is a tense thriller that works because of the award caliber performances by Hall and Roth. The pair are stunning together and so good that you just need to see them together to have your blood pressure rise 50 points. Its chilling.

If I would be a betting man I would say that with the right push Rebecca Hall could be in the running for an Oscar. She is really that good with the repressed pain and fear of a long ago bad situation quietly bubbling under the surface. The performance is a masterclass. I am in awe.

While I could quibble about some of the plot details, the performances make it so you don’t care.


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