Tuesday, November 3, 2015

A short sort of review of Charlie's Farm (2014)

Tara Reid stars in the story of four friends who decide to go off into the Outback and take a look at the infamous Charlie's Farm, a place where an evil family that raped and tortured passersby lived before being killed by an angry mob. Of course there are some places one best not go...

Slow but better than it has any right to be horror film is the perfect film for anyone who likes mad slasher films.  Containing some gruesome deaths  and some reasonable performances (even from the very uneven Reid) this film has what fans of the genre are looking for which is bloody mayhem.

I am not a fan of the slasher genre and I try to avoid them as much as possible since in most cases they don't really vary much, or even pretend to. If I can make it to the end without either turning it off or scanning to the end the film get a couple of points from me- I made it to the end.

My two problems with the film, beyond not being a slasher fan, is that the film is really slow. Beyond the opening mayhem and the finale there is a lot of talk. Its okay, but there isn't a great deal of action. The other problem is there is a wicked sense of humor that doesn't quite work. Actually I'm not sure it's intentional or not with a terrible prostestic head showing up near the start, and several scenes, such as the one of the girl chained to the bed before the family is killed, playing as grand guignol comedy. I wasn't sure if I was supposed to laugh because its kind of silly.

Either way this wasn't my cup of tea and only suggested for fans of the genre.

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