Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Black Water Abyss hits VOD and select theater Friday

A group of friends go into exploring in a cave system in the Outback. As they get deep into the system a storm hits and the water in the tunnels begin to rise. Things wouldn’t be bad but with the water comes a some hungry crocodiles.

Yea we’ve been here before. Yea Black Water: Abyss hits some expected points, but it doesn’t matter since it still manages to ramp up the tension. Thank director Andrew Traucki and writer’s John Ridley and Sarah Smith who use the setting in such away that what should have been a familiar story seems to be bright and new. This is the perfect sort of film for a low key night on the covid couch.

Personally I couldn’t wait to see how it all came out. I was watching it during a lunch break at the day job and I had to sneak finishing it up.

Worth a look when it hits VOD on Friday

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