Tuesday, January 3, 2023


This is not  remotely what is in the film- not by a long shot

Scientist develops an device that can control and modify tornadoes. One of the techs decides to push the test and end up creating a firenado which kind of wanders through the wooded countryside..

First film of 2023 is the first entry of the worst of the year list. 

While I love knowingly dumb films like this, I kind of need something specific to hang to. There has to be  one thing that lifts the film up. Yes the performances are uneven. And yea the plot is stupid as a stick. Of course the effects are not really good (the approaching tornado looks like a guy waving a flare in the woods - despite the poster this is all set in the country). Those things are par for the course and I can live with those.

However the one thingI need is a sense of caring behind the camera. FIRENADO  doesn't have that. Yes it's well made, and show a skill beyond the budget, but there is no passion. There is no snap. The sequences play out in a series of shots. There is no effort to make the sequences move. There is no creativity. It all feels  as if its by the number point and shoot.  Its so incredibly by the numbers that a machine could have done this (This bit will be this shot and the next will be that shot then this shot. No need to vary shots when tableaux will work).

Without the passion the film is fails. The performances seem silly, the plot twists are brain dead and the effects are just f-ing lazy.  Without passion I can't enjoy this on any level. Its not so good its bad, nor is it a good film that has limitations. It's just a bad money grab that's doomed to be forgotten.

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