Monday, November 2, 2015

In Brief: Marry Me for Christmas (2015)

Hitting home video tomorrow is MARRY ME FOR CHRISTMAS an entertaining piece of fluff.

Marci, a busy business woman, gets pressured into returning home for Christmas. Taking Adam, an employee, home for cover and to help finish a project. The family thinks he's her boyfriend and he starts to play along, but an old friend shows up and suddenly there are complications all around as her heart doesn't know which way to go.

Enjoyable little film is nothing you haven't seen before. Basically good time with good people this is the sort of film that will make you feel warm and fuzzy while not taxing your brain. You know where this is going and that's okay- I mean that's why you're watching it right?

Expertly acted and nicely put together on the technical end this is everything you'd want in a romantic comedy.

Recommended for those wanting a feel good film. It hits home video tomorrow.

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