Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The brilliant THE END OF THE INTERNET (2015) is one you'll want to track down

Christian Svanes Kolding is one of of a small group filmmakers who is regularly catching lightning in a bottle. I came in contact with Christian when he asked me to take a look at his film THE EMERGENCY KIT when it played at DOC NYC in 2013. It was wonderful little short about preparing for the end of the world. It was so good that I was keeping an eye out for whatever he did next. I'm not pushy but when I saw on Twitter he was showing his new film at the Buffalo International Film Festival, I was kind of hoping he'd send it my way,but I didn't want to when he sent me an email asking if I wanted to see it I just said "yes", ignoring that he sent me press notes and other material to make me want to see the film. His name was enough so that when he asked I just said "please send me the film".

He sent to to me but added the caveat that I was to watch it on the biggest screen I could- it took me a day or two to get to the big screen in the house, but I got there and saw something wondrous.

THE END OF THE INTERNET is a work of genius. Its an extremely intelligent, very funny mediation on life, working in a cube and the Internet. Its the sort of thing with some very real moments that only come from someone who's lived it. Its one of those movies where you mumble at the screen "yes exactly".

The film is basically an interior monologue of some one in an office cubical who has been there way too long. It's akin to what one of the best comedians today might say but folded so neatly into a script so that it's film and not a stand up performance. The film wouldn't work  as a real monologue, the film needs the images and the editing to supplement the biting wit of the script. This is a film that really is a film. Kolding and his co-conspirator Ewan Adams (Ewan not only wrote it but also stars and did the voice over) are to be commended on their kick ass script which gets it all right.

And the editing in this film is Oscar worthy. The way the images in one sequence in particular are cut together is so perfect that it does more than illustrate it actually carries the story and themes ahead. It's as perfect a sequence as I've seen all year.

You'll notice that I'm not saying anything about the plot. It's intentional for two reasons I don't want you to have any idea whats coming. None. Nada, Zippo. I want you to just see the film and get smacked in your brain and your funny bone. The other reason I'm not saying anything is that the film is only 9 minutes. It doesn't matter that it's 9 minutes, hell most Hollywood features don't have 9 wonderful minutes even scattered through them, but this is so short that I don't want to spoil anything.

You have to see this film. Its one of my favorites of the year- which considering how many films I've seen is saying a great deal.

And when you see it- see it as big as you can and sit close up so the film can smack you in the face and you catch catch all the stuff in the background.

The film premiere at Buffalo International Film Festival two weeks ago and is currently making the festival rounds. I will keep you posted for all up coming screenings.

You can also check out the film's website for more information.

If you want more on director Christian Svanes Kolding his website is here. You'll want to keep an eye out for everything he's doing because you'll want to be able to say you've been on board even before he was making the films everyone is talking about.

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