Sunday, April 1, 2018

Bad Bunny (2017) NDNF 2018

Love it or loath it over long short has a teenager who always wears a helmet with bunny ears punishing his mother's lover.

Arty, mannered and artificial this tale of erotic madness would have been better in the hands of one of the Jodorowskys who could made this actually seem like something.

Actually I suspect this might have worked better had the lead not had the ridiculous bunny ears on though the whole film. Early on I just lost any respect for the film when the ears stayed on no matter what was happening.

Clearly I'm the wrong audience for this film, which is the usual feeling I get watching most films at New Directors New Films which more often than not seemed to be programmed for a very specific audience of which I am not part of.

If you're curious the film plays in Shorts Block 2 with the much better MOBIUS

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