Thursday, January 23, 2020

A bunch of links to help you ignore the news cycle

A couple weeks back when the news cycle exploded and we looked to heading to doomsday I made up a list of You Tube Links of "A bunch of films that  are perfect to distract you from the  world's ills" for a friend. When other people heard about it they wanted copies of the links and I am still getting requests.

Since I am still getting requests I've decided to post the list here(if you are reading this on the front page of Unseen It is past the cut tag)

The first bunch of films are films based on Edgar and Bryan Wallace novels. I did not list the films titles since the idea was to just go in blind. If you want to clear your mind sometimes it is best to hit things unaware. I will say the top three are the best films.

After that are a bunch of horror, thrillers, Mexican fantasy and swords and sandals films where I listed the titles. Outside of Hail Mafia they are not high art but they are entertaining.

If you are tired of the news and politics and need to cleanse your brain dive in.
Lastly if you try one of the links and it isn't working let me know- sometimes things get taken down.
Bryan and Edgar Wallace Films 

Ship of monsters (not in English)

Little red riding hood and the monsters

Neutron vs Dr Carronte

MIGHTY JACK (legendary bad film)

Boogie man will get you (Karloff and this is really good)

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