Sunday, January 12, 2020

Cinematters: NY Social Justice Film Festival Starts Thursday

Cinematters :NY Social Justice Film Festival  starts Thursday at the JCC of Manhattan and it is a killer. I know because as I write this I've seen just about every film and I can tell you everything rocks.  There isn't a bad film in the bunch and if you are interested in social justice issues then you must go (tickets here)

Seriously just buy tickets and go because few fests are this well programmed. If that doesn't get you up and heading to the theater I don't know what will.

Among the great titles are:

American Muslim which is an excellent look at how the Muslim community relates to everyone around it. It is a stunner that proves they aren't as the enemies the far right would have us beieve

Changing the Game- is a solid portrait of the struggles of trans athletes to compete

College Behind Bars shows us the effect college has on inmates

We Are The Radical Monarchs- When the local girl scout troop was found not to be focusing on social justice issues some parents started a new group for their kids.

Harriet- is a good portrait of Harriet Tubman

And I will be reposting our reviews of ALWAYS IN SEASON about a lynching and SLAYING THE DRAGON about how gerrymandering is keeping the political landscape in America one sided.

I am hoping to get to see the remaining 4 films in the festival assuming I can find some time.

As I said at the top go buy tickets because the films will not only move you they will hang with you.

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