Sunday, January 26, 2020

Brief thoughts on Close Quarters (2020) Slamdance 2020

When Manuel and Lupe discover he can not father a child they ask his friend Ruben to be the father. However as Manuel ponders what this will actually mean in their lives and his standing as a man, Ruben asks to stay a few days before he heads to America. This puts the already fragile Manuel into a spiral he many not be able to pull out of.

Solid domestic drama/psychological portrait is a small jewel of a film. A carefully modulated tale is given weight by the three leads Paulina Gaitan, Jorge A. Jimenez and José Pescina who seem to inhabit their characters. You can feel the tension, sexual and otherwise between them in a way that bleeds off the screen. That the film remains compelling is due to their perfect casting.


CLOSE QUARTERS plays again on Wednesday the 29th. For tickets ans more information go here.

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