Sunday, January 19, 2020

In lieu of a full on curtain raiser here are some suggestions for Slamdance

I had planned on doing a curtain raiser for Slamdance but I mistimed everything and realized I don't have the extra week I thought 'd have to watch all the movies... I am so far behind it isn't funny. As a result I really can't do a proper curtain raiser since I haven't seen enough to know how the festival shapes up.

On the other hand I have seen a enough films that I can make a few recommendations.

MURMUR- the story of a woman who turns her addiction of alcohol for pets will break your heart.

RESIDUE- A man goes home to write a screenplay in the old neighborhood and finds it's gentrifying. A haunting film that heralds a new voice in cinema.

ANIMATION OUTLAWS- Portrait of Spike and Mike and their festival is a must see history of animation.

ASK NO QUESTIONS - a look into China's suppression of Falun Gong and how they are manipulating the media to get their point across.

BASTARDS' ROAD- I thought last thing we needed was another film about a vet walking across America- and then I saw this film and realized we did. One of the best of 2020. (My review from the Santa Barbara film fest can be found here)

HIGHER LOVE - real and raw documentary on the cost of opioid crisis as seen in the story of a father, his child and the mother he keeps trying to save.

AN ORDINARY PEOPLE-  If you need to see people doing crazy stuff with cars see this film about spinning, a sport where people spin their cars, get out of them while they are moving and then get back in. Its nuts.

I am especially behind in shorts but the horror comedy WASHED is a real delight. Its about a guy who goes to use the Eldritch Cleaners...

Now before the PR people reading this swallow their tongues that I didn't include their film- understand that I still have a stack of films to go.

Reviews will start on the 24th because of embargoes and then fill next weekend - so keep reading.

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