Friday, January 24, 2020

Murmur (2019)Slamdance 2020

Donna, an older woman hit with a DWI is sentenced to community service at an animal shelter. Giving up drink she finds her life a little brighter after adopting an older dog. However as the need for companionship grows she begins to adopt more and more animals.

Some times funny, always sad, often to the point of pain, MUMUR is a beautifully made and supremely acted film. A heartbreaking reminder of the pains of growing old it is a film that grabs our attention by grabbing our heart strings. There but for the grace of god go I.

While there is much to be said about Heather Young's verite direction, the real story here is Shan MacDonald as Donna. This is as real a performance as I've seen in years. She is not so much acting the part so much as living it. It is one of the finest performances of the year.

Sadly unless MURMUR gets some serious critical love from above my pay grade Oscar and the various award organizations will not see it. So to that end I need you to go out and se this film when it plays by you. More to point I need you t start talking about this film once you do see it. A buzz has to be built.

I know that sounds funny or silly, but frankly MURMUR and Shan MacDonald are too good not to try and get a buzz going.

Highly recommended.

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