Sunday, October 11, 2020

A mini-Nightcap 10/11/27

 Just a quick note about the next week.

Our New York Film Festival coverage is going to end later on today with a wrap up post.  It's a catch all piece which ties everything up.

This week look for our coverage of New Fest to  hit. I'll have a curtain raiser with a number of reviews of some great films. If you want to see great films go buy tickets.

I'm going to have a piece up regarding this week's Milwaukee Film Fest. Its a killer fest and I'd like to do more but I am hip deep in other things and I can't find the time. Besides the curtain raiser will link to almost 30 films we've already reviewed.

Later on today and later this week I will have a few reviews from Globe Docs. I'm late to the party on the fest (things happened) and as a result my ability to cover has been reduced. Apologies to the fest and thank you for letting me cover.

Coverage of NightStream is going long. I have been watching shorts like mad but there is no way to crank out the pieces the way I should so I will have more coverage after it ends later today.

I am starting work on Blood in the Snow. As in past years I am hoping to see the full fest- but we will see what happens. 

Additionally look for reviews of some new releases

That's it for now- I now return you to your regularly scheduled lives

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