Thursday, October 15, 2020

Chris Tenzis' BIG TOUCH (2020) is magnificent

 Chris Tenzis has made a three minute film that you have to see. A glorious piece of filmmaking about the power of the human touch. It will make you feel good and make you tear up.

Currently on the festival circuit (it just played Nashville Film Festival and in November it will be at both HollyShorts and St. Louis International Film Fests) this is film that people need to see. In an age of Covid when we can't interact or touch, this film reminds us that we all need a human connection. This is not  to say that we need to end social distancing, only that sometimes an elbow bump or a hug is what we need. 

This is movie magic.

I love this film. It moved me to tears and made me smile. This is a perfect marriage of music and image. It is the cinematic hug we all need.

I have no idea what Mr Tenzis is going to do next but I want to see.

Highly recommended. Look for this film to be on my end of year lists.

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