Monday, October 12, 2020

Nasrin (2020) Globe Docs

Portrait of Nasrin Sotoudeh an Iranian attorney who has been fighting for human rights, women's right, ad children's right for years despite she keeps getting thrown in jail for bucking the system.

NASRIN is deeply moving look at one woman who who striving to help the downtrodden people of Iran. Always willing to fight she is always trying to balance her numerous cases with raising her family. She is in many ways the better self we should all aspire to be.

What I love about the film is it is something more than just a portrait of Nasrin but there things as well. For example the film shows us this split in Iranian society with the ruling religious zealots at the top controlling everything and the rest of the people. Watching the people around Nasrin you get a sense of the the wide armed and welcoming people that reporter Ann Curry found when she went to interview Nasrin several years ago. You also get a look at the Iranian justice system which seems to be run by a bunch of guys terrified of losing control to women. The judges are clearly irked when Nasrin, a mere woman, comes before them. Lastly the film is a glorious love story between Nasrin and her husband Reza Khandan. Watching the two interact like young lovers will make you giddy.

Unfortunately the film is also a wake up call to keep Nasrin alive. She was recently found guilty of security related offenses and tssed in jail  where the sentence was said to be either 7 year or 10 years and 148 lashes plus another 36 years on other charges. Clearly the Iranians are afraid of the this feisty woman.

An excellent portrait of a woman and her time NASRIN is highly recommended.

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