Monday, October 26, 2020

Return of the Deadly Blood in the Snow Shorts: TRIM, TOO LATE, ESCAPE THE NIGHT, EXPECTING, FADE, FREYA, THE VISITOR and MOURN


A young woman goes to get her hair cut and says something shouldn't have- spiralling things out in terrible way.
A twisted short which will make your skin crawl.

A man, the late shift and his coffee.
A good animated film will make you rethink working overnight

The story of a pandemic where the disease turns people into bloodthirsty monsters.
A good film, but this is a proof of concept more than a full fledged film. If so I'm game to see where this goes.

A childless couple has dinner with an expecting friend
This is wrong, it's really wrong.

A woman flees into the country.
A very good dark tale of abuse.

The life of a young woman as seen through he relationship with her home personal assistant named Freya.
This is an uneven mix of horror, humanity and humor. At times an uncomfortable and funny look at modern life. Things  get sad  and I don't think the tonal shift works. It's good but the ending bre my heart.

A minute long short about a knock at the door. 
This is too short to talk about.

A grieving young man walks into a shrinks office and begins to talk.
A slow building chiller that stings. Stay with this one.

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