Sunday, October 11, 2020

Rose plays Julie (2020) NightStream

This deeply disturbing film is going to mess you up.

Rose, a veterinary student, is hoping to have a fairy tale like meeting, with her birth mother, Ellen, a famous actress who gave her up years ago. One line stalking turns into an awkward meeting.  Soon after she searches out her father, a famous archaeologist.

From frame one this film feels wrong. There is something off about everything. It isn't helped by the scenes in the  veterinary school, where talk of euthanasia and icky lab work amp everything up. You will come to fear where this is going to go and you will be right to do so.

I bth love and hate this film. I love the darkness. I love the craft and the story. I love pretty much everything abut this film. On the other hand I hate how this film makes me feel.. I don't like to feel like this. I dislike the feeling so much I never want to see this film again.

At the same time if you want to see a movie that is going make you feel disturbed then you have to see ROSE PLAYS JULIE. If you want to know what I'm not saying more it' simply because I don't want to clue you in to what happens. For full effect you have to go in blind.


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