Tuesday, October 20, 2020

After So Many Days (2020)


Jim Hanft and Samantha Yonack who make up the group Jim and Sam have been struggling to get by in the music business. Desperate to make things happen the decide that for one year they will travel the world and play one show everyday. The result is an adventure they never could have imagined as they go from playing in theaters to bars to laundromats to living rooms and even a field full of cows. 

Very good documentary about the real grind of being on the road. It's a you are there portrait of two people spending a lot of time together across the globe trying to make their dream come true. Its a lovely portrait of lovely people who are truly trying to make it all work even if it means that night's show is in a gas station.

THe best part of the film is it gives us a ton of great music Jim and Sam are constantly playing something with the result you really get a wonderful sense of what they can do musically. The result is that anyone going into the film is going to come out as a huge fan.

Highly recommended AFTER SO MANY DAYS releases today.

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