Sunday, October 11, 2020

Entangled (2020) Globe Docs


A look at the battle to save the rapidly declining right whales in the North Atlantic. The problem is that the whales are being slowly killed off by being entangled by fishing lines, particularly the lines that attach the lobster traps to the bottom of the ocean.

Good but decidedly polemetical look at the struggle between the environmentalists and the fishermen. While I see the need to save the whales, the presentation here can be a bit over the top. The film is very loudly shouting that the whales must be saved at all costs while not really giving much of a fair shake to the fishermen and the communities who will be wiped out of that happens. While I am not arguing that the whales shouldn't be saved, they should, the presentation here is decidedly one sided. I would have liked to know more about the costs of saving the whale from an economic POV. 

While ENTANGLED  is a good film, it is probably going to play best for the converted.

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