Wednesday, October 14, 2020

25 more horror films you probably haven't heard of but you should try

 Two years ago, in a response to a statement from Ted Geoghegan  I put together a list of 25 horror films that you should see. Ted was arguing that all of the “must see horror film lists” everyone does are basically made from the same 15 or 20  films reconfigured with one of two outliers mixed in.

I took some time and pulled together a list that gave 25 outliers you may not have heard of or thought of in a long time.  Now that two years have passed I’ve come up with a list of 25 more horror films from the last two years that you should run down. Again I went for films that are not the big films but ones that you may not know about.

Anything for Jackson – wicked Canadian  film about an older couple who decide to bring back their dead grandson. Of course it all goes horribly wrong. Great fun(On the festival circuit)

Attack of the Unknown- Science fiction meets action as a SWAT team has to join with the criminals to try and survive an alien invasion. Not high art but pure low budget popcorn fun.

Good Things Devil’s Do-Unexpected film about a robbery gone wrong releasing a demon. Gory fun

Alone- I hate the mad man captures the women and tortures them genre. This one some how works thanks to a killer ending.

Mortuary Collection- one of 2020’s best films is one of the best anthology films you’ll ever see. See it on Shudder

Sputnik-an astronaut returns to earth with a creature inside him. Scary and one of the great films of the year

Deeper You Dig- a woman looks for her missing daughter who was killed in a car accident and hasn’t left. Great from top to bottom.

Cry Havoc- not for all audiences. This messy film is for anyone who was curious what would happen if Jason fought Charles Bronson. (no really)

ANTRUM-A low key supposedly cursed film about trying to open the gate to hell

CRAWL- popcorn film about people trapped in a house during a hurricane and the alligators who come to eat them

SHE NEVER DIED-One of the great films of the last few years about an ancient soul and a battle in heaven

PORTALS- small gem about the opening up of portals to other dimensions in the wake of an experiment going wrong

LUZ-Great horror film about a demon in love.

GHOST LIGHT- what happens when a theatrical group runs into a haunted theater? Chilly more than scary this is great fun.

Come To Daddy- Twisty turny film with Elijah Wood going to see his long lost father and it all going weird

The Golem- a retelling of the golem legend is fantastic historic horror

Lifechanger-is the tale of a body thief jumping from body to body....

Altered Skin is the zombie film yu always wanted to see but din't know it.

Deadsight a low key realistic zombie film

The Colony- in a world frozen solid an sos from a distant outpost doesn’t bode well…..

Dreadout is a video game based horror film about demons with needle teeth

All the Gods In The Sky-a brother and sister wait for the aliens to come

Black Circle has two girls opening a gate to hell by listening to a relaxation record

Nights Before Christmas-Imagine Harley and the Joker as Santa and Mrs Claus....

Impetigore- a woman and her friend go home- and the locals are not happy

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