Friday, October 16, 2020

Sinbad:The Fifth Voyage Ultimate Directors Cut (2020)

 Sinbad returns in a film that acts an homage to the films of Ray Harryhausen and makes you feel like a kid again.

The plot of the film has Sinbad returning from a voyage to with a magic amulet. It is a gift for the Princess who has won his heart. However when he arrives he finds the city frozen and the princess stolen by an evil wizard who wants to make her his own. It is up to Sinbad and his crew to get her back.

Mixing CGI and stop motion this film is full of familiar monsters from cyclops, to dragons, to skeletons to multi-armed deities, that would do Harryhausen proud. All hail director Shahin Solimon, a great fan of the Harryhausen, who has intentionally made a film that brings back all the things he loved in the films he grew up on. You will delight, as I did, at all the references to  your favorite moments. While I was hooked by the film itself, another part of me also desperately wanted to see what the next riff was going to be.

The best part about the film is it works on it's own terms. This is a great adventure that grabs you and pulls you along. Yes, some of the use of flashback early on is a tad clunky, but it moves the plot along so we know what is what.

This film is an absolute joy.

Get some popcorn and go to to Amazon Prime and watch this old school winner.

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