Tuesday, October 13, 2020

NewFest starts Friday

Back for its 32nd year the always great NewFest starts Friday and you need to get tickets. 

 You do need to get tickets because some of the best films you'll see all year are playing here. And more  importantly even if you don't care for LGTBQ films you need to see what they program because the films here are always about more than just LGBTQ subjects but abut the human experience. They will touch you on a human level because we are all human.

I love this fest because they run so many good films. Every year I always try to catch some of the film because it is so magnificently programmed. The problem always tends to be is the fest is opposite other things I'm covering. However this year it's fallen in a spot where I can catch a few films which I will share once the fest starts.

As always I've seen a bunch of the films and I'm going to share links to those reviews:



JULIA SCOTTI FUNNY THAT WAY This is one of the best films of the year and I am repsting the review  tomorrow




I also saw GOSSAMER FOLDS and MAURICE HINES previously (I can't find the reviews  on Unseen) and I can honestly say that both are worth your time. 

And there will be more reviews once I am allowed to share but I'll make it easy- its all good so buy tickets.

Seriously do yourself a favor, look over the selections and buy some tickets

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