Saturday, August 21, 2021

2 from Japan Cuts 2021" B/B and ITO


This is a film about a girl with dissociative identity disorder being questioned by a therapist and police detective about a murder is going to be film you are either going to love or hate. As a technical achievement it is a masterpiece  with the editing and shot choices mirroring the various personalities of our heroine.  However as masterful the execution the actual result on the viewer can be jarring. I wasn’t sure what I was seeing and had to go back and read what the film was. Then when I went back and watch it knowing what I was getting into I found I stopped watching the narrative and was just watching the construction.  Its well done but not my cup of tea.

Recommended to the cinematically adventurous

This is a sweet little drama about Ito, a high schooler  who decides to go off the board of her small town life and take a job in a café in a larger city. The experience opens up the once withdrawn girl as she sees that there is more to life than she had thought. This is a marvelous charmer. This is exactly the sort of film that I love to find at Japan Cuts, something small scale, seemingly not my speed that ends up charming the pants off me to the point I go around and try to convince mt friends that they need to see the film.

Highly recommended

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